Playlist soundundvision_31 – 29.09.2016

DARKHER – Hollow Veil
Darkher – Moths
SubRosa – Troubled Cells
Subrosa – Killing Rapture
Russian Circles – Vorel
Russian Circles – Mota
Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard – Testudo
Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard – Y Proffwyd Dwyll
If These Trees Could Talk – The Giving Tree
If These Trees Could Talk – Earth Crawler
Lost in Kiev – Insomnia
Lost In Kiev – Nuit Noire
Preoccupations – Anxiety
Preoccupations – Degraded
Moddi – Army Dreamers
Moddi – Punk Prayer
Pascal Pinon – Babies
Pascal Pinon – Forest
Cavern of Anti-Matter – Blowing My Nose Under Close Observation
Cavern of Anti-Matter – Echolalia
Alex Puddu – The Swinger Generation
Alex Puddu – XXX Action
Death Grips – 80808
Death Grips – Bubbles Buried in This Jungle
Crystal Castles – Concrete
Crystal Castles – Frail
Mike & Rich – Vodka [Mix 2] (Aphex Twin / Planet Mu (OFFICIAL))
Mike & Rich – Jelly Fish [Mix 2]
Faith No More – As The Worm Turns – 2016 Mix
Faith No More – Mark Bowen – Original Demo

Playlist soundundvision_6 – 30.03.2015

Bristol wave – Overcome (originally performed by Tricky)
Bristol – Moog Island (originally performed by Morcheeba)
Darkness Falls – Golden Bells
Darkness Falls – My Father Told Me (He Was Wrong)
Lapalux – Midnight Peelers
Lapalux – U Never Know (feat. Andreya Triana)
Somewhere Underwater – Spring Kills My Energy
LoneLady – Voyage
Lonelady – Hinterland
Karin Park – Hard Liquor Man
Karin Park – Shake With The Devil
Isolation Berlin – Prinzessin Borderline
Isolation Berlin – Bus der stillen Hoffnung
Viet Cong – Silhouettes
Viet Cong – Continental Shelf
Blonde Redhead – Dripping
Blonde Redhead – Much More To Lady M (Chris Bear Remix)
Archive – Ladders
Archive – Restriction
Temple Invisible – Everything From Above
Temple Invisble – Sudden Acts
Vessels – Attica
Vessels – Elliptic
99 Blows – EFD
99 Blows – I/O
David Borden/Mother Mallard/Music – Esty Point Summer 1978
David Borden – The Continuing Story Of Counterpoint Part Nine

Playlist soundundvision_5 – 02.03.2015

Public Service Broadcasting – Sputnik
SoKo – My Dreams Dictate My Reality
SoKo – Peter Pan Syndrome
The Pop Group Official – Citizen Zombie
The Pop Group – Mad Truth
Laura Carbone – Silky Road
Laura Carbone – Stigmatized
Gang Of Four Official – First World Citizen
Gang Of Four – Staubkorn (feat. Herbert Grönemeyer)
Len Sander – Fluttering Lights
Len Sander – The Bird
Mark Lanegan – The Killing Season (UNKLE Remix)
Mark Lanegan Band – Death Trip To Tulsa (Mark Stewart’s Exopolitix demix)
Pentatones – Karma Game
Pentatones – Mono Home
A Place To Bury Strangers – We’ve Come So Far
A Place To Bury Strangers – Deeper
Kammerflimmer Kollektief – Désarroi #2 – grundstürzend
Kammerflimmer Kollektief – Evol Jam (Edit)
prairie – Elle See
Prairie – Veronica Or Die
AKKU quintet – Phase Transitions

Playlist soundundvision_4 – 02.02.2015

Gaz Coombes – The Girl Who Fell To Earth
Gaz Coombes – The English Ruse
Beezewax – Hazzard
Beezewax – Everyone Will Tear You Down
Man Without Country – Sweet Harmony
Man Without Country – Deadsea
The White Birch – Lamentation
The White Birch – Lantern
We Stood Like Kings– Akt I
a band of crickets – Zero
A Band Of Crickets – Brumous Roamer
Romare – Rainbow
Romare – Motherless Child
Monophona – Black On Black
Monophona – All Downhill
John Carpenter – The Master of Horror – Vortex
John Carpenter – Night
Harald Grosskopf – Trauma
Rone – Sir Orfeo (feat. Sea Oleena)
Rone – Sing Song
Claude Speeed – Traumzeuge
Claude Speeed – R U Sorry

Playlist soundundvision_3 – 05.01.2015

The Czars – Paint The Moon
The Czars – Angel Eyes
Diagrams – Dirty Broken Bliss
Diagrams – Gentle Morning Song
Palvine – Halo
Palvine – Bide
Iceage – Stay
Iceage – The Lord’s Favourite
New Model Army – The Devil’s Bargain
New Model Army – Sunrise
robot koch – September
Robot Koch – Night Drive (feat. schwarzmodul)
Hans Zimmer – Cornfield Chase
Hans Zimmer – Mountains
Tarwater– Inreturn
Tarwater – Log Of The Sloop
Fish – A Feast Of Consequences
Fish – Crucifix Corner
Deerhoof – Big House Waltz
Deerhoof – Paradise Girls
MENACE BEACH – Tastes Like Medicine
Menace Beach – Elastic / Drop Outs
The Howl Ensemble – Cloud
The Howl Ensemble – Howl
The Knife– Silent Shout (Shaken-Up Version)

Playlist soundundvision_2 – 01.12.2014

Robert Coyne with Jaki Liebezeit – New Arrangement
Robert Coyne with Jaki Liebezeit – Lullaby For Myself
Jon Hopkins – Form by Firelight (with Raphaelle Standell)
Jon Hopkins – Immunity (with King Creosote)
Mogwai – History Day
DARK HORSES – Live On Hunger
Dark Horses – Saturn Returns
Rodion G.A. – Charm 2
Rodion G. A. – Piramide 1
Harald Grosskopf – So weit, so gut
Harald Grosskopf – Emphasis
Harald Grosskopf – Eve On The Hill
Harals Grosskopf – Minimal Boogie
Camera – From The Outside
Camera – To The Inside
villalog – Düsseldorf Dub
Villalog – NVN
Mono (Japan) – Where We Begin
Mono – The Hand That Holds The Truth
Sun Ra And His Arkestra – Interplanetary Music
Sun Ra – Dance Of The Cosmo Aliens (Live In Milan, 1978)

Playlist soundundvision_1 – 03.11.2014

Saint Saviour – Let It Go
Saint Saviour – Sad Kid
Robert Wyatt – The Age Of Self
Robert Wyatt – Frontera
Mark Lanegan – Harvest Home
Mark Lanegan – Floor Of The Ocean
Digger Barnes – What Will We Do
Digger Barnes – A Million Miles
Digger Barnes – Two Ringing Ears
Friedrich Paravicini – Generique
Friedrich Paravicini – L´homme de Drancy
The Rolling Stones – Gimme Shelter
Duct Tape – Start The Show
Duct Tape – Times Are Changing – On Patrol In No Man´s Land
Einstürzende Neubauten – The Willy-Nicky Telegrams
Anna von Hausswolff– Funeral For My Future Children
Mutter Musik – Wer hat schon Lust so zu leben
Mutter – Ihr kleines Herz
Mogwai – Teenage Exorcists
Hookworms – Radio Tokyo
Hookworms – On Leaving
Hookworms – IV
Swans– Oxygen (Daniel Miller Edit)
Swans – To Be Kind
Anna Von Hausswolff – Deathbed