Playlist soundundvision_4 – 02.02.2015

Gaz Coombes – The Girl Who Fell To Earth
Gaz Coombes – The English Ruse
Beezewax – Hazzard
Beezewax – Everyone Will Tear You Down
Man Without Country – Sweet Harmony
Man Without Country – Deadsea
The White Birch – Lamentation
The White Birch – Lantern
We Stood Like Kings– Akt I
a band of crickets – Zero
A Band Of Crickets – Brumous Roamer
Romare – Rainbow
Romare – Motherless Child
Monophona – Black On Black
Monophona – All Downhill
John Carpenter – The Master of Horror – Vortex
John Carpenter – Night
Harald Grosskopf – Trauma
Rone – Sir Orfeo (feat. Sea Oleena)
Rone – Sing Song
Claude Speeed – Traumzeuge
Claude Speeed – R U Sorry