Playlist soundundvision_104 – 29.03.2021

Yan Wagner – Brise Glace
Yan Wagner – Demande a la Poussiere
Tample – Idées blanches
Tample – Western
Ancient Astronauts & Bantu – Photoshop Reality
Ancient Astronauts – Source Of Life (feat. Nilotika Cultural Ensemble)
Batida & Luaty Beirão – The Medium (O Meio) (feat. Celeste Mariposa)
IKOQWE – Vai de C@n@! (feat. Octa Push)
One Arm – Virgule
One Arm – Real
EMPTINESS – Vide, incompleta
Emptiness – Détruis‐moi à l’amoura
A.A. Williams – Be Quiet And Drive
A.A. Williams – If You Could Read My Mind
Louisahhh – Chaos
Louisahhh – Love Is A Punk
Oh No Noh – golbt
Oh No Noh – where one begins and the other stops
Tiziano Popoli – Svelf
Tiziano Popoli – Bruciare la Notte
VISIONIST – Winter Sun
Visionist – Allowed To Dream
Martina Bertoni – Fearless
Martina Bertoni – Bits
SaffronKeira with Paolo Fresu – Capernaum
Saffronkeira with Paolo Fresu – In Origine
Erlend Apneseth Trio – Linjer
Erlend Apneseth Trio – Impedans
Mythos (Stephan Kaske) – Rationality And Passion
Mythos – Rising Earth Above The Lunar Horizon