Playlist soundundvision_120 – 02.05.2022

King Hannah – Foolius Caesar
King Hannah – Big Big Baby
Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys – Autobiography of an Evening
Steven Brown – It Occurred To Me
Steven Brown – El Hombre Invisible
Midlake – Dawning
Midlake – Meanwhile…
Hater – Brave Blood
Hater – Hopes High
Die Wände – Müssen nur Sollen
Die Wände – Aus dem Raum
HEALTH – ISN’T EVERYONE (feat. Nine Inch Nails)
HEALTH – EXCESS (feat. Perturbator)
Nation of Language – The Grey Commute
Nation Of Language – A Word & A Wave
HeimlichManøver– Your Sad Soul (Feat. Tåran Reindal)
Heimlich Manøver – Dystopian Landscape
Utopia Union – Ambivalenz
Utopia Union – In The Woods
Spiritualized – Crazy
Spiritualized – Best Thing You Never Had (The D Song)
Large Plants – Don’t Let Me Let You Down
Large Plants – I Lie Awake
Painting – Symmetrical Pattern
Painting – Who Are the Pretty New Ducks in the Pond
Rhabdomantic Orchestra – Almagre
Slagr – Søvnløs
Slagr – Legende