Playlist soundundvision_13 – 31.08.2015

Iron & Wine & Ben Bridwell – No Way Out Of Here (Unicorn Cover)
Iron & Wine & Ben Bridwell – You No More Than I Know (John Cale Cover)
Yo La Tengo – Automatic Doom (The Special Pillow Cover)
Yo La Tengo – My Heart’s Not in It (Darlene McCrea Cover)
Beach House – Beyond Love
Beach House – Wildflower
Ducktails – Into The Sky
Ducktails – Surreal Exposure
Sea + Air – Peace Begins At Home
Sea + Air – Lady Evropi
C Duncan – Here To There
C Duncan – Silence And Air
Zack Laurence – Scorpio The Scorpion
ORF Bigband – Let’s Forget The World
Sea Lion – Ghostlands
Sea Lion – Desolate Star
Son Lux– Undone
Son Lux – Flight
Slime (Will Archer) – My Company
Slime (Will Archer) – At Sea Again (feat. Selah Sue)
A Thousand Vows – Satori
A Thousand Vows – Mountain And Rivers
Offshore– NY In A Minute
Offshore – Make It Up
Erland Dahlen – Hammer
Erland Dahlen – Pipe
The Telescopes – Absence
The Telescopes – Don’t Bring Me Round
Pure Phase Ensemble 4 feat. Mark Gardener – Morning Rise
Pure Phase Ensemble 4 feat. Mark Gardener – Notatki