Playlist soundundvision_144 – 01.04.2024

Christin Nichols – Rette sich, wer kann (feat. Fatoni)
Glas – Reclaim The Night
Glas – Lunar Lander
River Into Lake – Alethea
Mildlife – Yourself
Mildlife – Musica
El Perro del Mar – Suburban Dreams
El Perro del Mar – Wipe Me Off This Earth
Julia Holter – These Morning
Julia Holter – Spinning
Moor Mother – All The Money (feat. Alya Al Sultani)
Moor Mother – God Save The Queen (feat. Justmadnice)
The Sorcerers – Moth
The Sorcerers – The Warrior Code
The Jesus And Mary Chain – Chemical Animal
The Jesus and Mary Chain – Venal Joy
Schubmodul – Silent Echoes
arms and sleepers – Go Now (Don’t Look Back)
Arms and Sleepers – The Art Of Dying
Lustmord – Their Souls Asunder
Karl Bartos – Scary Memories
Karl Bartos – The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari
Rotem Geffen – I´m Allowed to Love You
Rotem Geffen – The Night is the Night
Kim Myhr & Kitchen Orchestra – VI
Kim Myhr & Kitchen Orchestra – IX